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Our Fleet

We offer a large number of:

Posi Tracks, Skid Steers (Bobcats), Mini Loaders, Excavators, Tipper Trucks, EWP ( Nifty Lift 120T trailer) up to 12m, Rollers, Compaction Tools, Red Roo Landscaping equipment, Fencing Petrol Tools, Chainsaws, Concreting Tools and Equipment.

Also a large selection of attachments that can go on the machinery to get any job done efficiently.


Posi Tracks


Multi-Terrain Loaders

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Tipper Trucks


Mini Digger


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Mulching and Slashing Equipment


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Jobs and Applications

Browse through the suggested jobs below, and if you see one that suits, simply select the box. This will take you through to the “Rip It Up Bundle” that we have tailored specifically to suit your job requirements.


Whether you are building garden beds, fencing, retaining walls, prepping for slabs, turfing and more! We have the best range of Landscaping machinery and petrol equipment for any application. Have a browse at Machinery Fleet or our Tools section and find the right piece of gear for your job, or alternatively you can give a call and discuss your job.

Fencing, Retaining Walls and Planting

Fencing jobs, Retaining Walls & Planting has never been easier than now! We can help supply you with an Excavator or Loader that comes with an auger attachment to drill your post, retaining or plant hole. Depending on the Suburb you are in and what the earth is like that you are drilling into we have both Combination Or Rock Augers available for our Auger drives. Ranging in a variety of sizes to choose from: 150mm; 250mm; 300mm; 350mm; & 450mm.

Alternatively, if the ground is easy and you are only after a one-man petrol auger we hire them too!


If excavation is the job you are looking to do we have a large range of sizes in our Excavator Fleet. Starting at what we call our Micro through to Mini Excavators, we go up in sizes from 1 ton to 5.5 ton. All of our Excavators come with a range of bucket sizes. You are welcome to tailor your hire to your needs and only request certain size’s but we like to provide a minimum of 3 buckets with each Excavator.

Machinery for Mulching, Slashing, Acreage Clean Ups, Shredding and Chipping

There’s a number of ways to tackle any of these jobs.

Mulching: Mulching is a good way to clear your block easily of Saplings up and small trees up to 200mm in diameter, brush-like Lantana and dense weeds. Our mini mulcher attachment on our Posi Track will do the job with ease. Please note for this piece of equipment you must be an experienced operator.

Slashing: Our CAT BR160 5 ft Slasher/Brush-cutter attachment on our Posi Tracks is perfect for those jobs that you cannot get a standard Ride-on mower into. Because Posi Tracks are Multi-terrain you can get in very hard to access places to remove grass, dense weeds, lantana and small saplings up to 50mm thick. This is a great combo to get in and tidy your property.

Acreage Clean Ups: Options for clean-ups generally will involve more than one machine. Using some of the machines mentioned above in conjunction with an excavator and grab or adding our log grab for our Posi Track to your hire. These grabs are good for stacking logs/ branches and rocks. Depending on the scale of the job will determine the type and size of the machines. Our Tippers will also come in handy to avoid double handling.

Shredding Chipping and Mulching on a smaller scale is easy with our Red Roo CMS 100 dedicated chipper trailer. It will tackle branches up to 100mm in diameter and allows reuse of mulch for your gardens.

Trenching for Electrical, Irrigation and Plumbing

All sized Excavators come with a small bucket that we refer to as a Trenching bucket, these range from 200mm to 300mm depending on the size of the machine.

We have trenching attachments for all our Loaders and Posi Tracks.  Trencher attachment width is 150mm chain and can go up from 600mm-1500mm deep on the machine and trenching attachment.

If you are not confident operating machinery we also have a Red Roo 912 Walk behind Trencher with a chain width of 100mm and up to 600mm deep.

Building Sandstone and Rock Retaining Walls

Block walls: With an option of 3 ton to 5.5ton Excavator’s plus grab attachment you can build a rock/sandstone block wall. Depending on the size blocks you order or how far you need to reach will depend on the digger that you require. Generally, when building these types of walls there is some earthworks and preparation involved, you may need to also hire a loader and/or tipper truck if there are bulk materials that need to be moved.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump removal does not need to be tricky, there are a variety of options depending on how you want to tackle it. Most of our Excavators can fit a Ripper tine and grab. Simply dig around the stump to prepare for easy removal.

Alternatively you can hire our walk-behind Red Roo SG350 Stump Grinder.

Moving Materials, Soils, Gravel, Tan Bark

Depending on the quantities of materials that are to be moved will determine the best-sized loader for your landscaping needs. Generally, for moving materials a Loader is the best option as it's designed for transportation where an excavator is more for excavation/digging. You can also opt for a digger loading directly into one of our tippers for bulk materials and soil removal.
We have Loaders that range on size from 550kgs to 5.2 ton.
We have Excavators that are 1 ton to 5.5 ton.
Tipper Trucks that is 2 ton.

Tipper Trucks

Hire a 2 ton Tipper to carry all your materials or hire to tow machinery or equipment.

2 ton Tipper requires a C Class License and is an Automatic transmission seats 3, Payload is 1.8 ton, towing capacity is 3.5 ton.

Turfing, Lawn Preparation and Equipment

Turf prep depending the size of the area can be done with anything from a Kanga Loader to a Large Posi Track. Spreader bars can be supplied with all sized loaders but must be ordered at time of booking as there is limited numbers.
If the ground is very hard you may need to prepare the earth by using a tiller or Ripper tines (Ripper tines only available with Kanga Loaders).

Tight Access Equipment

Tight Access Jobs can be a really difficult task unless using the right machine for the job.  Our range of Micro equipment will be the choice for you with the Kanga Kid TK216 Micro Loader and CAT 300.9d Micro Excavator both being the smallest of the fleet.


We have a couple of machines that have a Breaker attachment and most have the options of a grab too. Whatever it is that you are demolishing we have the right machinery and attachments for you. We also hire out Tippers for removal of any rubbish.

Concrete Slab and Shed Preps

We have all different sized Loaders for Slab preparations. Using a Loader and a spreader/Levelling bar is usually all that is required unless you need to remove or dig out for your slab, then we recommend hire an Excavator first then coming in afterwards with a Loader.

Earth Moving Equipment

Excavators, Tippers, Mini Loaders, Bobcats, Skiddies, Posi’s, Posi tracks, Loaders whatever you call them we have them for all jobs. Drop us a line and tell us what jobs you are wanting to do and we can help you out with the right machine!

Compaction and Rollers

We offer a great selection of plate compactors and Rammers for hire, plate compactors come in two sizes 65kg or 100kgs and are generally used for paver prep and as a finishing tool for driveways. Padfoot Rammers or Jumping Jacks are generally used for compaction of trenches.
We also have a 1.2ton Double drum Smooth Roller that is on a tilt trailer, at just 1000mm wide this is a fantastic machine for smaller driveways and shed and concrete slab preparations.
For those larger driveways we offer a Vibratory Roller attachment for our CAT 279D Posi track. It is the ultimate tool for larger driveways that gives you the benefit of a 5ton machine driving the attachment. Using it in conjunction with the machine itself and a levelling bar it provides the easiness of one machine multiple uses.
If we do not have the size or type of roller you are looking at hiring we can definitely source it for you or send you in the right direction, just fill in our request a quote form with all the necessary details and we can provide you a quote.

Driveway Prep and Construction

Depending on the type of driveway you are looking to achieve we can provide you with all the right machinery. Just drop us a line and let us know if you prefer machinery on trailers or delivery of the larger machines, materials your purchasing, time allocation.

Don’t see your job type?

Let the Rip It Up team assist you with the right hire equipment for your project.


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