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AFE (Advanced Forest Equipment) Disc Mini Mulcher
– softwoods up to 250mm diameter

*Experienced Operators Only

AFE Mini Disc Mulcher (softwoods up to 250mm diameter)

$300.00 / day

Clear dates

AFE (Advanced Forest Equipment) Disc Mini Mulcher
– softwoods up to 250mm diameter

*Experienced Operators Only

Delivery / Pickup Info

Pick up from shop. If you are unable to pick up (no tow ball/appropriate vehicle), then delivery can be arranged at an additional cost. Please provide the delivery address at checkout.


  • CAT 279D
  • GEHL V400


Day Rate: $300


  • Mulching small to medium saplings (up to 200mm in diameter)
  • Block or landing clearing of shrubs and soft wood small trees up to 200mm in diameter.



Hydraulic Flow 20 to 32 GPM
Hydraulic Pressure Up to 5,000 PSI
Hydraulic Motor Bent Axis Piston Hydraulic Motor (European with 1-year warranty) Anti-Cavitation production,
1-inch supply line from the ant-cavitation manifold to the hydraulic motor
Bearing Box Oil bathed bearing box, synthetic oil, bearings are self-aligning, heat treated 4-inch shaft,
Direct Drive System with isolator coupler
Cutting Disc Made of Hardox 700 T-1 steel (30% stronger than mild steel), 1’ ¼ thick, 44-inches in diameter
Cutting Teeth (12) Beaver teeth
(28) Carbide thumbnail teeth
Mounting Adapter plate is a universal skid steer mounting plate
Case Drain Line Case Drain Line Required, MIN. 5/8” (Not Included)
Reduction Shroud 63” Across
Productivity-avg. Softwoods up to 4” productivity, depending on hydraulic flow of carrier
Dimension 66” L x 53” W x 45” H
Weight 1,724 LBs
Hoses Hoses not included
Disclaimer Specifications May Change At Anytime. The SS Mini Might mulcher attachment is designed
for use on skid steers of up to 12,000 pounds ONLY!

Hire Conditions

  1. Pick-up time begins at Mon – Friday 6.30am and drop off ends at 4.30pm. Saturday hires are 7.30am - 3.30pm. Sunday hires are to be picked up on the Saturday afternoon 3.30pm and returned Monday morning 6.30am.
  2. Should you need an extension, we have flexible arrangements provided notice is given well in advance. Should you return your hired mini machinery later than 4.30pm and neglect to give notice, charges apply by the day as it prevents us from booking machinery out for following day resulting in loss of income.
  3. One day hire is 8 hours and Weekends are 16 hours going over these hours. Charges apply per hour otherwise.
  4. Full payment must be made prior to pick-up and delivery, no exceptions.
  5. Customers will need to sign our Terms and Conditions document before hire commences.
  6. A valid drivers licence is required for hire, and the customer must be of a competent capacity to operate the mini excavator.
  7. We provide clean mini machinery with full tanks of fuel, ready for use. Upon return, machines must be re-fuelled with diesel and cleaned. Charges apply otherwise.

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